coalition corner with Byron Butts

Coalition Corner with Byron Butts

by Joseph Byrum

Coalition Corner is an opportunity to highlight the good work that coalition members do every day and to hear their thoughts about coalition work.

Byron Butts is the Executive Director for the Twelve Way Foundation, a faith-based nonprofit dedicated to providing a sober living environment for men recovering from alcoholism and substance abuse.

How long have you been a member of the Piney Woods Substance Abuse Coalition?

About 3 years

What do you like most about the coalition?

The information that is exchanged and the data that is collected helps to enrich our group with resources that is much needed to serve.

Can you tell us about how the coalition fits into the organization you work for?

As the agencies that we work with expand their web this gives us the edge and reach that is essential to establishing grass roots resources for our population.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

When serving the population we serve, free testing for things like tuberculosis, HIV, and hepatitis c can raise awareness and initiate recovery in those areas.

What do you like most about East Texas?

The neighborly feel that used to exist nationwide, to help, love, and enrich our community.

What should other people know about the coalition?

That the coalition has purpose in serving, and exposing community resources.