Faith in Action: Healing the Opioid Crisis Together

If you’re a person of faith, how would you say you put that faith into action?

One way you might put your faith into action is by disposing of your leftover prescription drugs.

We are partnering with faith congregations across East Texas next week to spread the message that you can help your community by disposing of your leftover prescription drugs that would otherwise sit in your medicine cabinet. We are encouraging congregations to put the message in their bulletins, talk about it in their small group classes, post it in the halls of their facilities. A large percentage of people in East Texas are part of a community of faith, so this is a great way to spread the message. To find a prescription drug drop box location near you with your local law enforcement, or to learn about other ways to dispose, visit

The opioid crisis has decimated families across this country. The CDC estimates that 72,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2017, and about 50,000 of those were opiate overdoses. Experts say we have a long way to go before those numbers start to trend downward.

Some people might say they like to save their prescriptions for a friend or family member who might need them down the line, but did you know it’s actually illegal to share your prescription drugs?

It’s illegal because 1) If you’re not a medical professional, you haven’t been trained in how someone else’s body may respond to your medication, and 2) It can create or worsen addiction. Most people, including youth, who abuse prescription drugs say they get them for free from friends and family.

And, although it happens less often, there are cases of people stealing leftover prescription drugs from someone without their knowledge. If you responsibly dispose of your leftover prescription drugs, that can’t happen.

So how is disposing of your prescription drugs an example of faith in action? What does it have to do with your spiritual life? Simple: It’s an answer to many people’s prayers.

People have been praying someone will do something to end this crisis. By disposing of your prescription drugs, you can be the hands and feet of many prayers across East Texas. In fact, according to the Regional Needs Assessment, teens have abused opioid at a higher rate in East Texas than their peers across the state.

Disposing of your prescription drugs is an answer to prayer and an act of compassion. It can help prevent addiction from starting, or even a deadly overdose. If you would like to get your faith community involved, give one of our coordinators a call at 903-939-9010.