Mental Health Services

Counseling Services

At Next Step, we want to ensure that teens experiencing mental health issues get the support they need, no matter what. That’s why we offer free counseling in a variety of settings to reduce as many barriers as possible so they can access the help they need. We place licensed professional counselors on school campuses and juvenile probation offices all across Texas.

Youth Mental Health First Aid 

Youth Mental Health First Aid USA is an 8-hour public education program that introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds an understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches individuals how to help an adolescents in crisis or experiencing a mental health challenge.

Sources of Strength

We are excited to be the first in Texas to implement Sources of Strength in schools, a best practice youth suicide prevention project. This program is designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse.

For more information, contact our office at 903 939 9010.

Prevention Services

At Next Step, we aim to prevent substance abuse among our youth through youth development programs and our community coalitions. Our coalitions are made up of concerned community members, working together to prevent youth substance abuse and addiction at its source. We strongly believe that there is not one person or organization who can tackle the issue of youth substance abuse alone. It takes the strengths and resources of a whole community working together to have the greatest impact.

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