Youth Development Services

According to the Texas Education Agency, over 2,500 students in ESC Region 7 (based in Kilgore and covering 17 East Texas counties) were removed from their primary school to a DAEP (Disciplinary Alternative Education Program) during the 2020-2021 school year. Another 15,000+ students were suspended in school. The youth development program works to lower these numbers and prevent teens from ending up in the juvenile justice system. Our goal is to reduce recidivism with the teens who we serve so they can lead happy and healthy lives. We believe in the potential of these youth and give them the skills they need to be successful.

What We Do

The prevention and behavioral health team leads group discussion-based classes for teens who are at- risk or already in the juvenile justice system. Our curriculum focuses on goal setting, emotional regulation and communication, and substance use. We serve schools, DAEPs, and juvenile probation offices all with the goal of developing skills and reducing recidivism rates.

Program Sites

Brownsboro DAEP
Brownsboro Horizons Academy
Henderson County Juvenile Probation
Athens DAEP
Hubbard Middle School (Tyler ISD)

Reasons a Student Would Take Our Class

Currently or at-risk for being on probation
Currently or at-risk of being placed in a DAEP
Disciplinary issues
Failing grades
Motivation issues